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About Us
about us

Unitech Products Co., Ltd.is one of the leading manufacturers of Fiberglass products in Thailand. The company was established in year 1995. We offers durable beauty and high quality fiberglass products such as Interior and Exterior Fiberglass Doors, Waste water treatment Tank under brand UNI-BIO, Toilet Partition under brand FORA.

Fiberglass or “fiberglass-composite” doors have become a very popular alternative to wood. They have realistic wood grain and, when given wood stains, can imitate cherry, oak, walnut or other popular wood tones.

The result is a door that bears an amazing resemblance to wood, even when viewed up close. UNITECH doors designed for beauty and functionality offer an amazing array of options to fit your home, whether its style is traditional or contemporary.

UNITECH doors combine look of wood  with the superior performance and durability of fiberglass. UNITECH entry doors offer five times the energy efficiency as conventional wood doors, keeping your home comfortable and cozy year-round. UNITECH entry doors don’t just look nice, they provide you with extra security and add timeless elegance to your home 

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